First Baptist Church
Monday, March 02, 2015
Mount Vernon, Indiana
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Bible Studies

     It is the goal of First Baptist Church to provide ample opportunity for both our members and our guests to receive solid instruction and application in the Bible.  Toward that end, First Baptist Church provides Bible study classes for all age groups on Sunday morning at 9:30 am.  Come be a part of one of our classes for fellowship, prayer, and instruction in the Word of God.
Bible Study Class                                       Location
Infants                                                                 1st Floor, Educ. Bldg.
2-6 yr olds                                                         1st Floor, Educ. Bldg.
1st-6th grade                                                    2nd Floor, Educ. Bldg.
Ladies                                                                  1st Floor, Educ. Bldg. 
Berean Bible Study                                         Main Sanctuary
        Our Bible Study Ministry uses resources from LifeWay Christian Resources like the The Gospel Project and Life Ventures.